Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to ask us about any of our products or services.

Here are a few of the most asked.  Email us if you have others and we will be glad to answer them for you!

How Long Will Dried Flowers Last?
How long the flowers last is somewhat up to you.  Don't display them outdoors or in direct sunlight.  High humidity environments can also lessen the life of natural dried flowers.  In normal conditions - they will look great for at least a year and sometimes even two years.  Preserved products will even last longer in most cases.  They should never be displayed outdoors as the humidity can and "will" cause them to bleed.

Can I Bring Products Into Another Country?                                                                                              We sell all Our product exclusively for use in the lower 48 States of the USA.   We do not ship out of the USA.  We do not supply Phytosanitary Certificates or MSDS Sheets for your order unless you purchase an entire container.  If shipping out of the country this is the sole responsibility of the customer.  

"ALL" Moss Orders Shipping to California will need a Phyto Certificate and the fee ranges from $65.00 to $85.00 per shipment.  Call us for more information.

How Big Is A Bunch?
Most of our bunches are sold by weight, some by stem count.  Standards are different for each crop.  A bunch of larger flowers contains fewer stems than a bunch with smaller flowers but no matter what you choose they are always a "large size" bunch.

Will They Look Exactly Like The Picture?
Of course not.  These are real flowers cut from real plants that grow in the real world with natural variations.  We do make every effort to take new pictures if a product changes & new pictures are put up often as we go into a new ha

What Do You Recommend When Storing Them?
Sealed containers with a Prozap has been working for years but nothing is fool-proof.  When product is preserved a gylcerine is used to soften and add color.  Gylcerine is sweet and can attract bugs.  Even though most products are fumigated in the field and before they are bunched - today's non chemical fumigation limits the protection of the florals to about 30 days.

Are Dried Flowers Delicate To Work With?
They are tougher than most people think.  A few tricks that designers use is to mix 1/3 parts gylcerine to 2/3 water and put in a spray bottle.  Lightly mist the product before you start to work with it.  Another great trick is you can put the flowers you are planning to work with in a plastic bag with a damp cloth and that will also make them more pliable & less prone to breakage.  Keep in mind that preserved products will bleed if moistened or left in high humidity.

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