Achillea Yarrow-Natural Gold - 10 stems per bunch

Achillea Yarrow-Natural Gold - 10 stems per bunch
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Our Achillea (Yarrow) is the best around.  Outstanding natural gold color.  Bunches are approx 4oz Approx 22-24" tall.  Sold by the bunch or by the case.

20 bunches per case.  

Interesting facts about yarrow!

Yarrow is one herb identified along with a number of others as medicinal herbs, but it was also a loving herb in the domain of Aphrodite.
Chinese proverbs claim yarrow brightens the eyes and promotes intelligence.
Nursery rhymes say a yarrow sachet under one's pillow will cause dreams of one's own true love.  A folk belief states a bunch of dried yarrow used in wedding decorations hung over the bed will ensure a lasting love for at least seven years.

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