Achillea Yarrow-Natural Yellow/Gold - 10 stem

Achillea Yarrow-Natural Yellow/Gold - 10 stem
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Our Imported Achillea (Yarrow) is the best around.  Outstanding natural dark yellow/gold color.  Bunches are  Approx 22-24" tall.  Sold by the bunch from PA.  Cases ship direct from our farm.  Case pack 15 only!

Easy to use and great shipping!

Interesting facts about yarrow!

Yarrow is one herb identified along with a number of others as medicinal herbs, but it was also a loving herb in the domain of Aphrodite.
Chinese proverbs claim yarrow brightens the eyes and promotes intelligence.
Nursery rhymes say a yarrow sachet under one's pillow will cause dreams of one's own true love.  A folk belief states a bunch of dried yarrow used in wedding decorations hung over the bed will ensure a lasting love for at least seven years.

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